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7 Signs Your Trees are Overdue for Tree Trimming Service in Rhode Island

January 11, 2022

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Keeping trees looking great requires a certain level of maintenance and tree trimming service in Rhode Island. Unfortunately, most home and business owners simply don't have time to keep up on pruning, trimming or disease prevention, and many don't know how. That's why hiring out for a professional tree trimming service in Rhode Island is the only option.

The seven signs a tree trimming service in Rhode Island is necessary include having trees with leaning or splitting branches, dead trees, and tree limbs growing too close to power lines or your property. Emergency tree service is required when accidents or severe weather conditions occur.

1. When Tree Branches are Leaning, It's Time for a Tree Trimming Service in Rhode Island!

tree trimming service in Rhode Island

Does it appear that a couple of branches on your tree are leaning to one side? Perhaps, the entire trunk looks a little crooked. Both of these instances are cause for concern and should be addressed by a licensed arborist. Trimming the branches back is a method that takes the weight off of one side of the tree and helps distribute it more evenly. Failing to do so can result in branches or the entire tree falling over.

2. Partially Dead Trees in Rhode Island that Require Trimming

When there are dead areas on a tree, the branches need to be trimmed away, or else they'll break off and potentially cause property damage or other hazards. A seasoned arborist can assess the tree(s) and determine whether a trim is necessary or if the entire thing needs to come down.

3. Are Your Trees Touching Power Lines in Rhode Island? If so, they Need Trimming!

If you notice your tree's branches getting a little too close for comfort to your power lines, it is wise to call a company to come to trim them back ASAP. You do not want branches getting tangled up with the electricity lines because that is a major safety violation. The pros at Rhode Island Tree Removal know how dangerous tree trimming services can be, and we have taken the proper courses and training in tree trimming safety to ensure your project goes off without accident or injury. We have the right equipment to take care of the problem.

4. Splitting Branches is a Tell-Tale Sign That a Tree Trimming Service in Rhode Island is Necessary

trimming trees in Rhode Island

Sometimes, after high winds or a large storm has passed through your Rhode Island neighborhood, it can leave split branches in its wake. When that happens, it is recommended that you have the afflicted branches trimmed or completely cut away to prevent further problems. Plus, pruning away the damaged branches is much better for the overall health of the tree.

5. Has a Construction Project Accidently Damaged your Tree?

Unfortunately, construction work is notorious for nicking trees, busting branches, and causing damage to the trunk. When that happens, it is imperative you have an arborist evaluate the damage and determine the next steps. In most cases, simply trimming back the broken branches is an effective solution. However, if the trunk has significant damage, the tree may have to be removed entirely.

6. Your Tree is Overgrown and Causing Discomfort. It's Time for Rhode Island Trimming Services!

Do you have a garden in your yard that requires more sunlight than your looming tree is allowing it to have? Perhaps, you want to sunbathe on your deck, but a large and in charge tree is creating far too much shade for you to catch some rays. Those are all legitimate reasons to assume your tree or trees need to be trimmed. Cutting back on the branches will increase the health of the trees while making your property much more relaxing and comfortable.

7. Your Tree's Branches are Growing Too Close to Your Property

tree trimming service in Rhode Island needed

As you have your breakfast in the morning, are you noticing that your gorgeous maple tree that rests in front of your kitchen's bay window seems to be getting closer and closer? You start to search for tree removal services near me. Tree branches certainly do not grow overnight, but over time they can become dangerously close to windows, siding, roofs, and other property surfaces. The good news is a team of highly-qualified tree care specialists can quickly trim the branches back so that they're a safe distance from your home or commercial property.

Call a Tree Care Company ASAP!

When you're seeking top-quality tree service near me, it begins and ends with our company. We offer a variety of tree removal and specialty services for residential and commercial property owners. In addition, you can schedule us for prompt tree and shrub pruning, trimming, and cutting as well as full-scale lot and landscape clearing. Do you think your trees may have a disease? Our arborists at Rhode Island Tree Removal are seasoned experts at discovering, treating, and preventing the spread of botanical disease. Should you have a tree-related emergency such as fallen branches or an entire tree on your property, we are available to help 24/7. Please call us today to schedule an appointment.

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