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What is Tree Maintenance | Tree Maintenance 101

July 30, 2019

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As a home or business owner, it is wildly important to take care of your trees. Whether you hire a professional arborist to perform tree maintenance or you do it yourself, one thing is certain, it must be done! Pruning, trimming, and cutting are all part of the maintenance package, and although these things can be a tedious jobs, they're very important components of tree maintenance.

Proper tree maintenance includes knowing the tree species, performing tree trimming and tree pruning, and various other tree services. You need appropriate tools and general knowledge of how to use them to complete tree maintenance correctly. Tree maintenance should be completed by experts for safety.

How do you know the right techniques for maintaining the beauty and health of your trees? The first time you attempt tree upkeep can be a little tricky, but after that, it's smooth sailing. Make sure to take notes on what worked and what didn't for future reference.

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Knowing Your Tree Breeds is Important

Believe it or not, different tree species require different maintenance routines. For example, you may prune and trim a willow tree in the fall and winter, but you need to put the shears away when it comes to your magnolia tree, which is best pruned during the summer.

Research Tree Trimming Techniques

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Again, knowing the kind of trees you have is at the forefront of successful tree maintenance practices. Take into consideration the height of your tree, what type of crown it has, and the angle in which you should cut.

Always begin with large branches that might be posing a risk to your property or power lines. Trimming these branches will also reveal smaller, dead twigs and diseased foliage that needs to be removed for the sake of your tree's health.

Always bear your tree's trunk in mind. The trunk is a protective barrier for the rest of the tree, and any harm or damage that comes to it will affect it as a whole. 

Successful Tree Maintenance Requires Proper Equipment

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Lastly, make sure you have access to tools such as loppers, pole pruners, a ladder, and pruning saws, as these are the four most used pieces of equipment in terms of tree care. Each one of these tools serves a different purpose, and it is in your best interest to know how and when you'll need to use them during tree maintenance. Most homeowners do not have these devices or do not know how to operate them properly. To complete tree maintenance safely and efficiently, it's always advised to hire a professional, qualified tree maintenance company in your area.

With the very reasonable tree maintenance cost we offer, getting tree maintenance services done by a professional is your best option. Search tree maintenance near me, and we guarantee you will find us at the top of the list. If you need additional tips on maintenance, consult with Rhode Island Tree Removal.

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