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What Is a Licensed Arborist & What Does a Licensed Arborist Do?

June 30, 2019

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What is a licensed arborist? A licensed arborist, also known as a "tree surgeon," requires some formal education, on-the-job training, and passing a state exam in order to earn their license or certification. In many states, a licensed arborist must hold a Bachelor's Degree in a minor field that corresponds to arboriculture. If pesticides are going to be part of the job, additional training may be required.

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What is a Licensed Arborist? Their duties involve raising, maintaining, and removing trees. They may or may not perform other related tasks based on their education in horticulture and environmental conservation programs. Working with all species of trees is their main skill. According to current statistics, a licensed arborist can make an estimated median salary of about $48,000 annually.

Is the job of a licensed arborist difficult? It certainly can be depending on what type of circumstances they are faced with. However, many arborists completely love their jobs, so any challenge involving trees is welcomed with open branches.

What is a Licensed Arborist? The Licensed Arborist Job Description

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You'll see an arborist using both hand and power tools to perform their duties. These tools are used for hedge trimming, pruning, branch cutting, and more.

An arborist will be the one to call when you need trees planted for professional landscaping. Did you know that some arborists work behind a desk? They design the blueprints for landscapes and then pass the information along to field arborists who apply the template.

Planting, trimming, and shaping trees are all part of the job and things that all licensed arborists must know how to do.

As you can see, answering what is an arborist isn't all that straightforward. The types of arborist certification will determine what kind of tasks that individual will perform. how long does it take to become a certified arborist will also be dependent on the type of certification desired.

Do Arborists Have any Other Duties?

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Yes! Some licensed arborists specifically specialize in tree trimming and tree removal. In these cases, they must know how to operate heavy-duty equipment like bucket trucks and cranes. A wise tree trimmer will know how to choose the appropriate species of trees to plant based on the climate of the area and soil conditions. This is where experience comes into play.

Some arborists perform pathology tests on trees and their soil to determine what might be causing a species to become diseased and sick. This is a very important skill to have when dealing with some sort of infection in forestry.

Only licensed arborists are allowed to apply pesticides and other chemicals to trees. This type of licensing requires additional schooling but also allows the arborist to be paid a larger salary. Most chemical-related arborist careers require the candidate to work as an apprentice before they are able to work for themselves.

How Does an Arborist Become Licensed? 

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If an arborist plans to apply chemicals to trees, they will have to pass a state-approved test and become insured. Wondering how to become a certified arborist? On-the-job training is required and recommended for almost all arborists depending on the state they reside in. Rhode Island Tree Removal is where to go when looking for a certified arborist near me. Interested in learning more about tree services performed by a certified arborist? Check out our other blog articles!

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