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Cutting-Edge Tree Removal in Lincoln, RI

Tree Removal Lincoln - You Have the Trees, We Have the Skills

Trees are lovely things. There's no denying that. However, sometimes for the sake of safety and space, they need to come down. That's where we come in. We've offered tree removal Lincoln, Rhode Island, since 2004. From large and in charge trees to small shrubs, there's no job too challenging for our team to tackle. 

We use special tools and equipment to quickly and effectively remove trees, stumps, and roots. In addition, our arborists also perform tree care duties like trimming, pruning, cutting, and shaping. 

Maybe you'd like a few more trees planted on your property? No problem! Rhode Island Tree Removal makes it happen. We're the crew to call when your residential or commercial landscapes need professional tree services. Get a FREE quote today!
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See what our customers have to say:
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"My massive backyard Maple tree was struck by lightning. Called these guys and they came out FAST. They gave me great advice, recommended several options to save the tree ,and a free quote on tree removal if I wanted to go that route, which I ended up doing. Thanks Rhode Island Tree Removal! 
- Amanda B.
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We're More Than Just a Tree Removal Company - Schedule Tree Care Now!

Trying to find top-quality tree services in Lincoln, RI, was difficult. However, that changed back in 2004 when we opened our doors. Our company offers many tree and shrub care services for residential and commercial customers. Do you need quick and efficient tree removal? We'll make it happen. How about emergency tree removal? We've got it covered. You can't help when a storm passes through and causes a tree to land on your roof. 

Call us day or night for immediate help. You can expect excellent tree care services like trimming, pruning, and shaping. When trees are well-manicured and cared for, they live longer and are less susceptible to diseases. If you think your trees have an infection, our arborists will evaluate them and treat them accordingly. Maybe you have a tree growing towards your window or getting tangled in telephone lines, but you don't want to chop it down completely. 

We have a solution! Tree cutting allows us to remove the offending branches without total extraction. What if your trees are top-heavy and have weak spots in the trunk? We'll remove parts of the tree's crown and use cabling and bracing techniques to keep it standing tall. You can learn more about our processes on the company blog located HERE.
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All-in-One Tree Care Services

Tree Trimming

The best-looking trees are always professionally trimmed. Our arborists have years of experience trimming and shaping trees so that they create curb appeal. Your property will look great once we're through, giving your trees a little snip.

Tree Pruning

Do you know that tree pruning is vital to tree health? Pruning must be done during specific growing seasons to ensure the best results. In addition, fruit-bearing trees require pruning so that their harvest is bountiful.

Stump Removal

There's nothing uglier than a dead, rotting stump on a landscape. Insects, critters, and mold often reside inside the stump—schedule removal service to eliminate your on-site trip and fall hazard. You'll be glad that you did!

Commercial Services

Just like residential properties, commercial landscapes require superior tree care services too. Our company puts together a routine tree maintenance plan so you never have to worry about your professional landscape.

Tree Cutting

Do you love your trees, but some are getting in the way of buildings, powerlines, and rooftops? We understand! Instead of total removal, we can cut away problematic branches. It's truly a genius idea. Check out our before and after gallery.

Tree Care

Things like tree disease management, trimming, pruning, and cutting are often at the back of everyone's mind. However, you can schedule routine tree care services with our team. We show up at the appointed times and get the job done.
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Why Choose Us for Tree Removal in Lincoln?

20 Years of Experience

We began our journey into tree care and removal services in 2004. Since then, our arborists have gleaned loads of experience and knowledge. There's nobody more qualified to care for your trees and shrubs than us, guaranteed.

Competitive Rates

We strive to have the most affordable tree service in Lincoln, RI. Our rates will always remain low and fair for residential and commercial customers. Please let us know if you find a lower rate, and we'll see what we can do!

24/7 Emergency Availability

When a tree comes crashing down onto your car, roof, or is causing issues with power lines, please don't hesitate to call us. We have emergency after-hours availability for when tree removal services can't wait until the next business day.
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