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Tree removal in Pawtucket is a service we've been offering the community for a long time. Our team works tirelessly to bring the best tree service to this amazing city. Why? Because we believe in giving 110% to everything that we do. Our tree services not only include tree removal in Rhode Island, but also trimming, pruning, cutting, and planting. Healthy trees begin with great maintenance, and that is exactly what Rhode Island Tree Removal can do for you. Our services are available for both residential and commercial clients. We also provide lot & land clearing and cabling & bracing services. Don't forget that our company is here for you when you need us! Never hesitate to contact our 24-hour emergency service line. We look forward to your call!
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"My massive backyard Maple tree was struck by lightning. Called these guys and they came out FAST. They gave me great advice, recommended several options to save the tree ,and a free quote on tree removal if I wanted to go that route, which I ended up doing. Thanks Rhode Island Tree Removal! 
- Amanda B.
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Much More Than Just tree Removal in Pawtucket - Let Us Show You!

Providing tree removal in Pawtucket is our main service offering, but we also offer many other things that will help keep your trees healthy, alive, and looking their best. Our team of certified arborists in RI, are and ready to plant trees on your residential or commercial landscapes. We have many years of experience, a fleet of bucket trucks, and the most modern tools in the industry to perform a stellar job just for you. From tree pruning to cabling & bracing services, we truly do it all. Plus, our rates are of the most competitive of all the tree companies in RI. Contact us today for a FREE estimate.
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Tree Removal in Pawtucket & Our Other Services

Tree Removal

Proper tree removal in Pawtucket takes time, patience, and experience. Our crew possesses all three of these attributes. Learn more about our expert tree removal services in Rhode Island!

Stump Removal

Stump grinding and digging are our favorite ways to nip your rotting stump problem in the bud. Our crew has the tools and expertise to remove those eyesores from your landscape for good!

Tree Trimming

Nothing looks better on your landscape than a well-manicured tree. We provide professional tree trimming in RI, so you don't have to deal with it yourself. Our methods are absolutely flawless.

Tree Planting

We are much more than just a tree cutting service in RI! We also plant trees for your convenience and enjoyment. Our tree technicians know how and where to plant so your landscape looks great!

Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and bracing trees is just another high-quality service that our company has to offer the residents of Pawtucket, Rhode Island. this service helps protect your trees, property, and people.

Lot & Land Clearing

Do you need a portion of land cleared for a new building project? We can help with that! Our crew is primed and ready to tackle your biggest tree removal jobs. Call us today for a FREE estimate.
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Why Choose Rhode Island Tree Removal

Modern Equipment

We fully understand that you cannot perform your BEST job unless you have great equipment and tools to complement your abilities. You can count on our equipment being up to code.

Fully Licensed & insured

We never cut corners to save ourselves a buck, which is why our company is totally licensed and insured for your protection and ours. We have the training and proper paperwork in place.

Highly Experienced

Our skill set runs deep and our dedication to the job runs even deeper. We only hire experienced tree service technicians and arborists that are fully licensed and certified.
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Our Tree Removal Blog

We love to share our knowledge and expert tips with our customers. Check out our blog for some interesting arborist musings.
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