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About Our Commercial Tree Service in RI

Rhode Island Tree Removal is a licensed and insured tree care and removal company that offers affordable commercial tree service in RI. Although a considerable part of our business is tree removal services, we also provide tree care services such as trimming, pruning, and tree disease treatment. In addition, we also plant and transplant trees.

We offer a wide variety of commercial services to local businesses. The types of tree services include removals for apartment communities, office parks, schools, public parks, golf courses, and more. In addition, we keep these areas' landscapes picture perfect and perform tree clearing services for those wanting to build or grow crops.
commercial tree service in RI
commercial tree removal RI

Benefits of Commercial Tree Services

It is essential to nurture your trees regularly. This is because trees are beneficial to the environment, and they also improve your landscaping.  Our team will make sure that the trees on your commercial property are healthy. Therefore, you won't risk having your trees falling onto your guests or their cars. 

Keeping your trees healthy and pruned also give your customers a good impression of your company. Not only are we able to keep your trees looking great, we can also work with you on a comprehensive plan to keep your landscaping looking great. We can recommend some great plant life suitable for your property and regularly maintain the grounds so that you always have a beautiful landscape that is safe and pleasant for your customers to observe. 

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Emergency Tree Removal Service

As arborists, our top priority is to preserve the life of trees. However, when they endanger life and property, we must remove them. Dead or decaying trees on commercial property can be hazardous. Our arborists perform tree risk assessments to let you know if it is a good idea to remove a tree, especially if it is structurally compromised. If we cannot save the tree using tree disease treatments or by cabling and bracing, we recommend removal. This will lower your risk of a tree potentially becoming a liability by falling on pedestrians, damaging customers' cars, or even falling on your building.

When it comes to commercial tree removal, it is a good idea to be proactive about caring for trees. We can regularly maintain your trees and landscaping on your property and ensure they are healthy enough to weather snow or rainstorms. In addition, our arborists can prune your trees and remove troubled branches and limbs. And if we must, we can remove the entire tree.
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commercial tree service in RI
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Land Clearing and Tree Planting For Your Business

Do you need someone to clear land for your new development or agricultural project? Our expert arborists are ready to help. We work on various land development projects, helping to get proper permits and removing trees, shrubs, boulders, and other debris so that you can use the land to build and grow crops. We also work with commercial developers who build golf courses. So, no matter your commercial project, we can provide you with superior commercial tree service if you need land cleared.

After removing trees from your land, you may need us to plant trees strategically on your landscape. Don't hesitate to call if you have an office park, apartment community, or retail space that needs greenery after you finish the development. 
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"My massive backyard Maple tree was struck by lightning. Called these guys and they came out FAST. They gave me great advice, recommended several options to save the tree ,and a free quote on tree removal if I wanted to go that route, which I ended up doing. Thanks Rhode Island Tree Removal! 
- Amanda B.

About Our Other Services

The arborists at Rhode Island Tree Removal provide other essential tree services such as tree pruning, trimming, shrub care, and emergency tree removal. For nearly 20 years, we have served residents and businesses in Providence, Cranston, Warwick, Pawtucket, Narragansett, East Greenwich and more. If you need commercial tree service in RI or other types of tree services, contact us today for your FREE quote.

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